Manual Testing Principles and Practices

Introduction to Software Testing

Software Development Life cycle

Requirements, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Acceptance

SDLC Models

Waterfall model, Spiral model, V-Model, Prototype model, How to choose model for a project

Test Management


Types of Testing (Black Box Testing)

Functional Testing: Integration Testing, Incremental Integration, Top down approach, Bottom up approach Non-incremental Integration, Stubs and Drivers, System Testing, End-End Testing, Production Environment Acceptance Testing, Smoke and Sanity Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, Exploratory Testing

Non Functional Testing: Compatibility Testing, Performance testing, load testing, volume testing, stress testing, scalability testing, Reliability Testing, Installation/ Uninstallation Testing, Globalization Testing, L18N, L10N, Security Testing, Recovery Testing, Usability Testing, Accessibility Testing

Test Cases Design - Basic

Error guessing, Equivalence Partition, Boundary Value Analysis

Test Cases Design – Advanced

Tool Based Test Design, Domain Based Test Design

Test case Authoring

Functional Test case, Review of Test case, Walkthroughs, Inspection, Peer Review, Regression testing Unit Regression, Regional Regression, Full Regression

Test Life Cycle

Requirements, System study, Test plan, Test Cases, Traceability Matrix, Test case execution, Defect tracking Test Summary Report, Retrospect

Test Plan

Objective, Scope, Approach, Methodologies, Deliverables, Test environment, Schedule and Resources Effort and estimation, Entry and Exit criteria, Templates, Risk, Assumption, Contingency Plan References, Checklists, How to create checklists, When to use checklists

Test Standard

IEEE Standard, Internal Standard and other standards

Test Metrics

Process Metrics and Product Metrics

Defect tracking

Defect life cycle, Severity, priority, Defect tracking Tool – Quality Center, Defect report, Defect Tracking Sheet

ISQTB Certification Guidelines
Duration: 50hrs 20 sessions of each 2.5hrs